Currently I am working as a London based cinematographer and Digital Image Technician. I am on the books with Digital Orchard as a DIT.

I feel that cinematography is the bridge between being an artist and a technician and I sure love being on that bridge. I love working on creative projects and try to be as perfectionistic as possible on everything I do. I don’t mind late insomniac nights or heavy long hours as long as the project gets what it deserves.

My experience as a DIT with all sorts of workflows including Red, Arri, Sony etc. LUT Creation and on set colour management. Secure Back-Up with Silverstack, YoyottaID or ShotPutPro and currently experimenting with On-Set Live Grading.

You can find my current DIT CV here.

Based in UK & Belgium


(for hire inquiries email me at

  • Arri Alexa Plus
  • Zeiss X-OT Otus CineMod
  • Secced Tripod
  • Odyssey 7Q+ (2x 512gb, BNC cables, D-tab, Sony RAW licence, etc. all in pelicase)
  • Personal grading + DIT setup (BenQ PV270-B, Tangent Ripple, Logitech G13, custom built PC with Nvidea GTX1080 can handle 6k workflows)
  • DJI Phantom 4
  • Fujifilm X-T20 + 35mm f1.4, 23mm f2

For full kit list with prices click here.